Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Statement From Moshe Zeines, Candidate For Lakewood Fire Commissioner

This Motzei Shabbos the Lakewood Fire District will hold its annual election. This year there are 2 seats being vacated by 2 commissioners that will be voted upon. Additionally, as every year, the annual budget will be voted upon. Voting takes place at the municipal building

I, Moshe Zeines, am a candidate in the election and I urge all of you to vote for me. Now is a great opportunity to give the fire department some fresh blood. I have watched the board in action for about a year now and I am confident that I know what the board needs now.

Last Thursday night the current Board of Fire Commissioners approved and adopted an amended budget which will be voted on by the voters during the election. The budget calls for no tax increase at all, contingent on the voters voting “yes” to the referendum question asking to release and use the restricted funds. I urge everyone to vote “yes” to the budget and “yes” to all of the referendum questions so that there will be no tax increase this year.

The Fire Commissioners are responsible for the purchase of trucks, equipment, and insurance. While the chief and his assistants are personally “on scene” fighting the actual fire, the commissioners guarantee that they have the necessary up-to-date resources to combat the flames.

The volunteers are there for us, me and you, 24/7 year-round. I remember being shocked when I first heard from one of the assistant chiefs that all the volunteers are on call at all times. I was sure that they take shifts, saving some time to themselves. But no, all of the volunteers are ready to give their all for the people of Lakewood. Keep in mind that not all the volunteers live in Lakewood, yet they all care so dearly for our town.

In the last 2 years, the commissioners have hosted a brunch to show the volunteers and their families that they are recognized and cared for. This is a great way, at a minimum, to show our volunteers we recognize their dedication and devotion to us year-round.

The commissioners regularly sponsor training for the firefighters, to express they care the firefighters are adequately prepared for their job. Similarly, the commissioners have sponsored numerous pieces of safety equipment for the firefighters thereby ensuring the safety of both the people of the town and the safety of the firefighters.

I believe that the department belongs to the chief and his assistants and that the job of the commissioners is to adequately provide for the needs of the firefighters. Therefore, because I truly care about the safety and productivity of the entire fire department and the safety of people of Lakewood, my pledge to Fire Chief Mike D'elia Jr is that I will not vote "no" to any safety equipment before hearing from him first what's involved.

I believe that a homogeneous board will continue to advance the Lakewood Fire Department and I am running for the Board of Fire Commissioners so I can be that additional positive voice.

Your vote for me, Moshe Zeines, either by mail-in ballot or in person on Election Day, will give me the opportunity to strengthen the entire fire department.
Thank You.
(Lakewood Link: We welcome a campaign statement from all candidates, we will publish it free of charge if submitted 48 Hours before the Elections. Email submissions to: thelakewoodlink@gmail.com)


  1. Sorry Mr. Zeines, but if we would have had a homogeneous Board, the taxpayers would have been stuck paying $100,000, so the chairman of the board could have a new office.

    The current board, has also used $600k from reserves last year, and proposes using the remainder next year, so while they may not raise the tax rate, they have used up the reserves.

    Additionally, while high density housing is bad for the school board, it is a windfall for the fire department, they should be flush with cash. Although the rate may not increase, the budget has increased, yet they still are drawing from the reserves.

    We don't need another yes man for the chairman.

  2. Dont vote for him. The department has spent tax money like water. If you are here for the taxpayers you would not support the current board.

  3. At least I'm not suing the fire department like Larry Loigman is.
    The district spends lots of money of legal fees for fighting the frivolous lawsuits brought on them by Loigman, The Shopper et al.
    Besides that, moving the district office to Station 68 would have saved the district a lot of money for several reasons, one being that the board would then sell the current district office for a lot more than the renovations cost. This was discussed at the last public meeting.

  4. Being on the side of the taxpayers means being on the side of the volunteers. If we keep the volunteers happy then their numbers will continue to grow thereby keeping taxes down.

  5. I listened to the last piblic meeting and now you are just making things up. Wven if the office was moved they still would need the building.

  6. You can watch the last public meeting at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBfk5u56UxQ
    Towards the end of the meeting Commissioner Cohen details how moving the district office would be a wise and cost saving investment. If the district office moves to Station 68 they would close up and sell the current office building.


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