Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Reader Submitted

On Wednesday Feb 15, 7:30PM the Lakewood Township Committe will pass a resolution to approve and bid 5 digital billboard signs.
I really want everyone to read the studies and understand that in a town like Lakewood that already has a dearth of distracted drivers, allowing electronic billboards on congested streets is irresponsible, and will cause people to die. I am not overreacting.
I know that I speak up against corruption and favoritism that hurts us all, and I may sound like a broken record, but for goodness sakes, this is pikuach nefesh.
Please show up to the meeting on Wednesday. Scream at the committee and tell them if they allow this we will hold them accountable for every injury or death that occurs around these signs.
Please don't sit this one out. This is not about downtown, or the Blue Claws or taxes.
This is a clear and present danger that must be avoided at all costs. Please show up and SCREAM!!!
Don't allow our Committeemen to put our lives in danger more than they have already.
One Committeeman already admitted to me that the incidence of accidents has increased at the New Hampshire/Cedarbridge intersection since the digital sign was installed.
Now we will have 5 more of these signs? This cannot happen.
Please spend an hour Wednesday night to protest this. It will be much less inconvenient than all the funerals and being Menachem Avel all the grieving families in the future.
Wednesday night 7:30PM
Township Municipal building.

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  1. I don't think you mean to say dearth. Perhaps you mean its antonym -- abundance

  2. Harold, why is your name not signed on this?


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