Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reader Submitted: Help Stop Assisted Suicide

Last December, Washington DC’s mayor signed a law allowing assisted suicide which would allow doctors to help poison patients. However, in response to this law, there is currently a bill (H.J.Res.27) in Congress that would stop this law from taking effect. 
Right now around the country there is a very strong movement to legitimize assisted suicide.  This movement has already passed such a  law in 5 different states.  The leaders of this movement have shown, time and again, that they don’t care if innocent people get murdered due to this bill. 
Every single one of these bills has allowed people who work for the patient’s medical insurance company to act as a witness that everything was being done legitimately. If God forbid they are able to successfully carry out this law in our nation’s capital, that would further legitimize this movement, leading to thousands of people’s death.  Around 40 rabbis paskened that everyone should do whatever they can to stop assisted suicide from happening.
Currently there are 67 co-sponsors on H.J.Res.27, which is a bill that would reverse this proposed law and thus help stop assisted suicide in DC.  However only one Congressman who has a substantial Jewish community has co-sponsored the bill thus far, Congressman Chris Smith who represents Lakewood, NJ. 
Additionally not a single congressman from New York is a cosponsor.  Therefore I urge everyone to call up the Republican Congressman Dan Donovan, from Flatbush, Bensonhurst and Staten Island, and demand that he add his name as a co-sponsor to this bill. 
Dan Donovan can be reached at (202) 225-3371.  Call him and tell him that our community strongly opposes assisted suicide and strongly urge him to become a cosponsor on H.J.Res.27.

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