Monday, February 13, 2017

High Winds Till 6PM; Move Away Your Trash Container From The Curb

The NWS has issued a High Wind Warning for the area and it remains in effect until 6PM.
Since there was no trash pickup today as the Lakewood Township Municipality is observing Lincoln's Birthday, if you placed your garbage containers to the curb please be kind and move it away from the curb as its very hazardous, due to the windy weather.


  1. about time. a decent lakewood news website was long needed.

  2. Testing censorship:


  4. Glad to see a new site open. It was long overdue as some other sites censor news and block commenters who don't agree with their views.

  5. Great to see a new website for Lakewood up and running. I wish you lots of Hatzlacha as long as you remain honest and report true news with no fake news like these other websites

  6. +1, lots of hatzlacha and here's to hoping that this site sticks to the truth and doesn't get intimidated by the powers that be, v'hamaven yovin


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