Monday, February 13, 2017

BREAKING: Lakewood Republican Club Endorse Kim Guadagno For Governor

The Republican Club at tonight’s meeting unanimously endorsed lieutenant governor Kim Guadagno for Governor, the lieutenant governor addressed the meeting.

The club also endorsed State Senator Bob Singer and Assemblymen Rible and Kean for re-election.


  1. Singer is a huge part of what's wrong with the corruption in this town. He endorsed the whole recent "republicans endorsing Coles (democrat) for mayor" VAAD scandal and is complicit with (if not at the root of) all the density and quality of life issues we're seeing in town. Shame on the stooges running the Lakewood republican club (disclaimer: I'm a registered republican).

  2. At the meeting, someone told Guadagno about the Mayoral scandal here in Lakewood. She was flustered and didn't know how to react and finally just said that she'll defer to the chairman of the club - George Gilmore. It is quite an embarrassment that Miller and Delia were not yet kicked out of the club.

    1. From what I understand Gilmore is part of the problem and just as corrupt. See this for some of his tzidkus and maisim tovim


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